L2OFF [Interlude 70x]L2Aura Starting Soon !

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MensagemAssunto: L2OFF [Interlude 70x]L2Aura Starting Soon !   L2OFF [Interlude 70x]L2Aura Starting Soon ! Icon_minitimeQua 17 Jul 2013 - 10:46

World of Aura is a private server running on a Lineage 2 OFF Platform without customized items. The difficulty of the server is medium; the gameplay is focused on both sides PvE and PvP.

Server Machine:

CPU: Intel Xeon L5640, 4-Core
Hard Drives: 2x Intel SSD X25-M 120 GB
Internet Connection: 1 Gbps
DDoS Protection

Retail Information:

Chronicle: Interlude
Enchant Retail
Experience: 70x Skill Points:70x Adena: 150x
Auto Learn: All skills are auto learn
Augmentation System: 100% working
Cursed Weapon System: 100% working with boosted effects
20 Level Penalty: Removed
Buff Slots: 24 buffing slots working properly
Debuff Slots: 10 debuffing slots working properly
+6 Enchanted set effects: 100% Working
Olympiad System: 100% Working
Fusion Skills: 100% Working
Max. Level: 80

Custom Information:

Combat Reward System: random rewards awaits you inside...
Description: Each time you win an PvP/PK your character will be rewarded with a Combat Box; double click on it to find out what is inside.

Unique Protection DLL: Secured gameplay,no corruption...
Description: Aura running great protection that will guarantee you an awesome gameplay, without corruption or hacks ingame.

Boosted Areas: Unique drops, boosted exp areas...
Description: Boosted Areas are providing unique drops, special raid bosses and increased Exp/Sp.
Easy Area - Dragon Valley Caves Entrance (61+)
Medium Area - Dragon Valley Caves Heart (76+)
Hard Area - Ruins of Despair (80+)

GM Shop / NPC Buffer: Complex shops, unique buffers...
Description: GM Shops between D and S-Grade, NPC Buffers up to 2nd class buffs.

Subclass & Noblesse:GM Shop support for Quest items...
Description: Subclass will be available without quest, you can find the items in GM Shop; for Noblesse you can buy in GM Shop the items, but the quest is retail-like. Barakiel respawn time is 2h.
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L2OFF [Interlude 70x]L2Aura Starting Soon !
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